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Printfield Modern Collection - Unique Prints

Printfield Modern Collection - Unique Prints

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It all started on the 21st of May 2024. I was trying to find a nice print for my dear friend, Gabriella. This collection is dedicated to her, as a birthday gift.

What is this about?

These prints are designed by us. They come in digital format (any extension available) and they are ready to be applied on mugs, t-shirts and any other items you wish.

We can sell the prints separately, but we can also use them to make personalised items.

We can generate new designs as well. This means, we can add another item to be held in the girls hand or we can change the hair colour, eyes, etc. We can change the animal. We can make it to be a dog, unicorn, etc.

We can change the text upon customers request. 

Feel free to discuss with us if you have any new ideas. 

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